Collection: Net-0 Ethanol Products For Specialist Heating

Net-0 Fuel is Australian owned manufacturer of Zero Emissions Specialist Fireplace & Heating Solutions which include Ethanol. With a mission to source and utilise sustainable resources processes our ethanol products are 100% Australian made.
Our approach gaurantees improved market positions for all ethanol fireplace products without comprimising or devaluing the individual brands philosophy and high expectations of their targeted demographics.
  • Target Net Zero 2030 - 2050
  • Zero Emissions Sepcialist Heating Appliances
  • Renewable Source of Energy
  • Sustainability

Net-0 biofuel is packaged in a carton 4 x 5 litre units per carton

This Net-0 Fuel 5 Litre pack in a 20L Carton is designed and recommended for use in ALL Ethanol fireplaces. It burns with a beautiful yellow/orange flame and is manufactured with no perfume or fragrance. The 5 Litre pack size is perfect for people who do not have room for the larger pack sizes. Most ethanol fireplaces can be filled directly from this pack size.

This Net-0 Fireplace Fuel is a formulated blended to offer the longest clean and odour free burn possible.